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Artists of the Omar Khayyam Club of London

July 25, 2017

Danton O’Day has continued his useful exploration and documentation of the artists who illustrated the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam with a new book covering those artists who illustrated the menus of the Omar Khayyam Club of London from 1892 to 1929.  More details about the book and how to obtain it are shown below.  We are waiting with interest to receive the copy we have ordered.  Danton O’Day writes as follows.

My new book documents the menu artists of the Omar Khayyam Club of London from 1892-1929.

While 26 artists were credited in the two books of the Club, there actually were 28 different menu artists. Of these several were not properly credited for their contributions. For example, one artist was credited for three pictures that belonged to two other artists. Another incorrectly attributed picture was done by an unidentified artist. This book details these issues as well as providing many other insights, firsts, and facts:

-First complete documentation of the artists of the Omar Khayyam Club of London Menus, 1892-1929
-First time most of the pictures have been seen since their initial publication
-Discovery of numerous incorrect artist credits
-Discovery of another “Unidentified Artist”
-Recognition of artists who were not credited for their contributions
-Corrected lists and timelines of artists and their contributions
-Learn about the artists: a cartoonist, a spy, the man who developed camouflage and more…

The books, photo-quality hardcover and softcover (92pp)  are available at:

Hardcover, ImageWrap ISBN: 9781389917240
Softcover, ISBN: 9781389917257


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