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A Rubaiyat-related political cartoon and some studies for a menu

November 21, 2017

Joe Howard has sent us information about two pieces of Rubaiyat-related artwork that he came across recently.  The first, shown below, is a political cartoon from the late 1940’s in post-war Britain created by George Butterworth for the Daily Dispatch.. 

Joe comments as follows.

I recently acquired an original ink and watercolour cartoon from 1948.   It utilizes a popular rubai-as you can see from the attached image.  The cartoon appeared in the Daily Dispatch and the characters represented are Clement Atlee and Sir Stafford Cripps.  I am not aware of other OK related cartoons, though I assume they must exist. Do you know if anyone has studied the use of the ROK in cartoons?

If any one has an answer to Joe’s questions please comment below.

His second item is some original  pen and ink studies for illustrations for a menu at a dinner of the Omar Khayyam Club of London in 1926.  The work is by James McBey, a British artist 1883-1959, whose life and work is documented in Danton O’Day’s valuable book on The Artists of the Omar Khayyam Club of London 1892-1929 – see

The studies are currently on sale from The Old Print Shop, New York, with an asking price of $700.  There is more information via the following link .


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