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More of Austin Torney’s adventures with AI and the Rubaiyat.

March 30, 2023

After his explorations of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) programmes as a way of creating illustrations for the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, Austin Torney is now experimenting with the use of AI Chat programmes to create Rubaiyat style verses. He writes about this as follows.

Recently, the ‘miracle’ of AI ChatGPT4 appeared, and it can write poetic ‘Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam’, sensible quatrains with ten syllables and rhyme of aaba or aabb, both of which I used, on Bing-Edge.

The human, Edward FitzGerald, is still the winner, but the GPT4 poems are an amazing accomplishment.

A day later, the more realistic AI MidJourney version 5 appeared, in an astounding conjunction, which I used to illustrate the quatrains.

Oh while we live, let us be kind and true

To those who share this fleeting journey too,

And let us help them bear their heavy load

Along the rough and rugged Earthly road.

In the video, I used Kaiber AI to add animation to some of the images, and AI AIVA for the music and an AI voice speaking the words.

Here are some more GPT4 quatrains: these are a selection of the ones that Austin sent in.


The concept of time, we try to define,

As we contemplate the grand design,

Is it a river that flows ever on,

Or just a mere illusion, that’s gone?


The dichotomy of good and evil, we ponder,

As we try to make sense of the world’s wonder,

Is there a moral compass that guides us all,

Or are we just lost in a sea of moral sprawl?


The nature of consciousness, we try to explore,

As we seek to understand ourselves more;

Is it just the product of the brain,

Or something more that we can’t explain?


The question of free will, we debate,

As we ponder the choices we create;

Is our destiny predetermined, or can we choose,

These questions, we ask, and we can’t refuse.


The existence of God, we strive to comprehend,

As we seek answers that may never end,

Is there a divine being that rules us all,

Or is it just a myth, a story we recall?


The concept of reality, we try to unfold,

As we struggle to break free from the mold,

Is the world we see just a mere projection,

Or is it the only real thing in our perception?


The nature of existence, we contemplate,

As we seek to understand our mortal fate,

Is life just a fleeting moment in time,

Or something more that’s truly sublime?

Further details of Austin’s new AI sourced works are available via the following links

PDF part 1, PDF part 2, Video part 2

Austin’s earlier AI based work was reviewed in

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