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Gordon Ross – a talented and versatile artist

June 22, 2020

RF Ross3Bob Forrest has been investigating the life and works of Gordon Ross (1872-1946).  Ross is one of the few Rubaiyat artists who illustrated all 75 quatrains in FitzGerald’s first edition of the poem.  The illustrations appeared in a mass market paperback edition of the poem, published by Pocket Books Inc., New York, in 1941.  This edition went through several reprints up to 1948, but Ross’ work has been relatively neglected,  perhaps because of its small paperback format, and black and white illustrations, neither of which do full justice to their technical quality and imaginative content.

The full article on Ross, published by Bob, is available on his web site at In it, Bob provides an analysis and interpretation of some of the more interesting of Ross’ illustrations for the Rubaiyat, as well as giving the results of his research on the artist’s life, and his many other works.  Gordon Ross was a Scot who emigrated to the United States in his early 20’s and remained there for the rest of his life.  He worked almost entirely as a professional illustrator and the books he illustrated range from a volume of Impertinent Poems to classics by Dickens, Shakespeare and others.  He also worked extensively for magazines.  In his paper, Bob provides a large number of images of  Ross’ work on different types of book, illustrating the artist’s versatility and skill.

The article is well worth a further look.  Our thanks to Bob for drawing our attention to another interesting Rubaiyat artist, and for sharing his work with us.

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