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The 1423 Lucknow manuscript – a description from the 1930s

February 24, 2020

Fred Diba has sent us an interesting cutting from The Illustrated London News of 17th December 1932 (p. 968) which announces the discovery of the 1423 Lucknow manuscript which contains 201 verses from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.  The text of the article is shown below, together with an illustrative page from the MS.

FD Lucknow Scan3

FD Lucknow Scan2

In the original article, the image is shown above the text.

This manuscript is also mentioned in Francois de Blois’ listing of Rubaiyat manuscripts (1).  The MS published by Rosen in 1925 shows an even earlier date than the Lucknow one discussed here, but this date is disputed (2).  We should be interested to hear more from anyone who is familiar with these manuscripts, particularly any reader who has actually seen the original Lucknow MS.  As far as we know, it is still contained in the Gouri Prasad Saksena collection in Lucknow.

(1) de Blois, F, Poetry of the pre-Mongol Period, Vol V of Persian Literature, A Bio-Bibliographical Survey, London,  RoutledgeCurzon, Sec Rev Ed, 2004.

(2) see Rodwell, E H , ‘Omar Khayyam, London, Kegan Paul et al, 1931, (p. xi)

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  1. February 24, 2020 3:03 pm

    Wow! This is very interesting. And completely new to me! I hope there will be a follow-up. Thank you.

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