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“I have lived not in vain if I have lived to be pirated.”

November 23, 2019

As an addendum to the previous post, Bob Forrest has sent us the following comment on an experience of his relating to his work on Isabel Hawxhurst Hall.

One of FitzGerald’s many memorable quotes was, “I have lived not in vain if I have lived to be pirated.” I know what he means, though on a lesser scale. My original Isabel Hawxhurst Hall (IHH) essay of 2014 had 13 illustrations from her Rubaiyat, with my captions. Some time back, I was trying to get a print-on-demand copy of the IHH Rubaiyat which was advertised by an outfit in India. Firstly they sent me the wrong book, which prompted me, naturally enough, to ask them for the right one. They seemed confused at this point and emailed me two sets of images from two different editions asking if either of them was the one I wanted. One was the Sangorski & Sutcliffe edition and the other consisted of the 13 images from my online essay, actually with my captions in place! When I pointed out the piracy they were further confused and seemed to be drifting towards the novel idea of sending me a bound copy of my own captioned images! To cut a long story short, I alerted AbeBooks and words were exchanged, I gather, as the Isabel Hawxhurst Hall Rubaiyat was promptly taken off their list of publications. Whether anybody else ordered this from them, expecting to get a reprint copy of the whole of the actual book, I do not know, but this episode serves as a warning about some dealers (though certainly not all) in print-on-demand copies.

Thank you, Bob, for this timely warning for all involved in Rubaiyat related purchases or publishing, whether off- or on-line.

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  1. David P Bullivant permalink
    November 23, 2019 3:15 pm

    Sadly, I had similar experience. First I got a random unillustrated Rubaiyat, then they asked if various illustrations were correct . I eventually was refunded by Abe Books.

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