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More Rubaiyat-Related Cartoons

October 28, 2019

Continuing the lighter theme of recent contributions, Joe Howard has sent us a couple more cartoons with some Rubaiyat content, together with helpful explanations of their history and context.  Thank you Joe for keeping us smiling.  We particularly enjoy the simple Peanuts version.


The cartoon shown below was published on July 25, 1957. At its peak, Peanuts was circulated in some 2,600 newspapers. Charles Schultz (1922-2000) wrote and illustrated Peanuts cartoons from Oct. 2, 1950 to Feb. 13, 2000. With 17,897 “Peanuts” cartoon strips published, I wonder if there are others which contain references to the Rubaiyat?

Some on-line copies of this cartoon contain very small print at the top left of the third panel. This text refers to “All rights reserved….”and is not an integral part of the cartoon text.

JH cartoon1019 1

Freaky Fables

J. Bernard Handelman (1922-2007), commonly known as “Bud”, was a cartoonist and illustrator who published extensively in The New Yorker, Playboy and Punch. The cartoon shown below (Punch, Feb. 28. 1979, issue # 7220, page 336) is one of his “Freaky Fables” series which ran for some 11 years and which usually included a moral that is stated in the final panel.

Handelman’s work was most often concerned with politics, history and human relations. He had a sharp eye for emerging trends. In the 1990’s he drew the Statue of Liberty answering a cellphone with her left hand, and with the usual torch held high in her right. The caption reads “Well it all depends. Where are these huddled masses coming from?”: a question recently discussed in the USA news media as a result of statements of made by senior government officials. In another cartoon, he depicted the Pilgrims as asylum seekers.

JH cartoon1019 2

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