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More information about ‘A Fanciful Picture …’

September 10, 2019

In response to the previous post about George Morrow’s drawing of an imaginary dinner of the Omar Khayyam Club of London, Bob Forrest has sent us some more information about the history of the drawing.

Bob tells us that this cartoon of an Omar Khayyam Society dinner appeared in published form in ‘The Artist’ magazine in May 1944.  The image he sent us, reproduced  below, shows that the cartoon is included with an article by George Morrow on the various stages of producing a humorous drawing.  There is no specific mention of the cartoon in the text shown, but it was presumably seen as a good example of the technical points highlighted by Morrow.

RF George Morrow - OK Soc Dinner

One interesting point is the note at the bottom of the illustration that it has been ‘Reproduced by courtesy of ‘Punch’ ‘.  Joe Howard indicated in his article that Morrow worked for ‘Punch’ for many years, and it appears that this drawing must at some stage have been published in the magazine.  Bob has not yet been able to find any details about this.  If any readers are able to access the relevant records and do a search, please let us know the result in a comment.

Another point that has struck us about the Morrow cartoon is that it shows a series of couples seated around the table.  As far as we know, the Omar Khayyam Club of London has never had female members, though it does occasionally have Ladies’ evenings.  But even these are unlike to produce the unvaried formation of couples shown in the drawing.  It is definitely a ‘fanciful’ view of such an event.

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