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Now available – a write up on E Joyce Francis, an illustrator of the Rubaiyat

August 23, 2019
Joyce Francis Fig.02a

Joyce Francis (right)

In an earlier post, we commented on the lack of information available about Joyce Francis who illustrated a copy of the Rubaiyat published by Ebenezer Baylis and Son in 1934 – see  In an initial response, Bob Forrest proved some data about the artist and her work, including her life span of 80 years from 1904 to 1985 – see

Now, with some help from us, and a great deal of his own research and contact work with her family, friends and acquaintances, Bob has put together a write up on Joyce Francis, her life and works.  This is now available on Bob’s own website – see

ROKJ Francis1934e

The review gives an account of the life and work of this artist, starting with her illustrations for The Rubaiyat (Ebenezer Baylis Booklet no.6). and continuing through the various other works illustrated by her, to her work as an exhibited artist, and the story of Cae Newydd (her home in Wales) and her Arts and Crafts Café in Aberdovey.  There are extensive images of Joyce Francis’ work, and her story provides a fascinating view of an artist whose life spanned most of the 20th century.  There are also important insights into the history of book publishing and illustration in the 1930’s.  We are very grateful to Bob and his contacts for enabling these stories to reach the public domain.

Addendum 02-09-19

Bob has now published his article on Joyce Francis as no. 10 in his series of Rubaiyat Artists booklets.  Like others in this series, the booklet has only been distributed privately, but copies have been given to the main legal deposit libraries and some other libraries in the UK and can be consulted through them.  For more information about this series, and the distribution of the booklets, see

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