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More on Fred Adlington

April 3, 2019

Adlington illustration Q 46

Earlier this year, we posted a note about work that Bob Forrest had published on a hitherto unknown Rubaiyat artist named Fred Adlington – see  In recent months, Bob has continued to investigate some gaps in his original account. This has led him to revise his essay and it is now republished on his website (see link below).  Bob explains as follows.

Since my article first went online some new information has come to light about this interesting musician and Rubaiyat illustrator, thanks mainly to a lead provided by Michael Behrend. It turns out that Fred Adlington was not born in 1891/2 as his death certificate implies, but in 1886. Furthermore he was not born as Fred Adlington, but as Fred Peters: Peters was the name of his natural father, who was sent to prison for fraud in 1892, and thereafter seems to have disappeared from Fred’s life; Adlington was the name of his step-father, at one stage a music teacher, and so presumably a source of inspiration for the young Fred. For details of this and more, see the revised essay at:


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