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Edward FitzGerald’s birthday is with us again

March 31, 2019

Every year, on 31st March especially, we remind ourselves of all the richness that Edward FitzGerald has given the world.  On this day in 1809 the author of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam was born, and on the same day in 1859 the first edition of his poem was published in the UK.  Please raise a glass of something appropriate and join us in recognising FitzGerald’s contribution and hoping that his words will continued to resonate with others in the years ahead.

This year, we also send good wishes to Charles Mugleston for his reading of the poem in Woodbridge, see  We wish that we could be there in the audience.  We are sure it will be a great occasion.

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  1. Charles Mugleston permalink
    April 7, 2019 9:19 am

    Good morning from a very showery Suffolk.

    One week on – and thank you for your kindness below – and always.

    All went well I think. The intro free handsheet of quotes on Light on the seats, then the lecture – a nature break and then the recital with Persian tea served beforehand and more tea and Persian love cake during the interval – all went down well inc the nightingale birdsong at the beginning and the three flute concerto’s background music.

    The Shire Hall is a fine room to read in – a historic place with atmosphere attached, feels and looks much better than the stretched photos on their website.

    Your ‘The Man behind.. and your Art Book were on display – and one man – a relation of the Briscoe family up from London I think their name was – who lived at Little Grange before the Bartletts, was deep in the Art book all the way through the interval.

    About fifty were there – audience and helpers which gladdened me and the organisers – how much money was raised am not sure, but it was sponsored by the Woodbridge Deli so that helped.

    Let s hope it seeds more regular events on Old Fitz and the poem – its primary platonic purpose… which I bring out in the lecture.

    It was good to get away from the Brexit Bashup for a while – how Dame Democracy widens her horizons… through the force of necessity ! very english…



    • April 7, 2019 3:31 pm

      Thanks Charles for your update. We are glad to know that the event last Sunday went well. It sounds like you had a good turn out.

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