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Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Poetry Coloring Book

February 14, 2019

Just to show that Rubaiyat studies can be fun and creative as well as involving serious research, Danton O’Day has produced a Rubaiyat colouring book to occupy your space time and/or help to introduce the poem to younger readers.  He writes as follows.

I was compelled to put this coloring book together because it reminded me of the many times my granddaughter Sarah and I colored pages as her brother, J.D., played baseball or hockey. Martin and Mason included some coloured illustrations in their book, “The Art of Omar Khayyam”. I assume the pictures were coloured by them. [Actually no, that is not the case;  the colouring was done by some previous owner(s) of the copies of the editions in question.] At times in the past, I had also coloured some of Sullivan’s fantastic images. Luckily, between 1884 and 1929, the era of Rubaiyat art that interests me most, more than 100 artists illustrated and/or decorated versions of Edward FitzGerald’s quatrains many of which offered black and white images appropriate for colouring.

This book has 84 pages to colour featuring illustrations from 35 different artists covering all 75 quatrains from the first edition. The softcover trade book has been put together in a fun format including each verse plus a picture allowing the reader to add their personal artistic flair to these images from the past.

Softcover, trade book, ISBN 978-0-36-821172-0.

Available at via the following link  Price US$ 17.99.

Also available on  Price £13.29.  And via ebay on .  Price £15.80.

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