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Suffolk Poetry Society to pay tribute to the Rubaiyat in the summer

February 11, 2019

It sounds as though Suffolk will be a good place for Rubaiyat lovers to visit in 2019.  An earlier post mentioned a forthcoming event in Woodbridge, Suffolk on 31st March at which Charles Mugleston will be giving a reading of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam by Edward FitzGerald – see  Charles has also told us about a second event in Suffolk, in Ipswich in June, which is inspired by FitzGerald’s poem.

On June 13th 2019, Suffolk Poetry Society, in collaboration with Ipswich Arts Association, will present a lunchtime concert and readings at the Museum Street Methodist Church in Ipswich. The theme of the event is The Rubai’ya’t of Omar Khayyam and alongside excerpts from the Ruba’iya’t  and some of his letters, there will be poems by SPS members inspired by Fitzgerald’s translation interspersed with harp music by Virginie Roidiere.

More details of the event can be found via the following link. .

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