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Photo Poems – a new book of quatrains from Martin Kimeldorf

May 21, 2018

Martin Kimeldorf continues to remind us that the art of quatrain writing, and the inspiration of Omar Khayyam and Edward FitzGerald, are both alive and well in our 21st century society.  Martin has produced a new version of many of his highly apposite verses combined with a selection of his own photo art.  The prologue sets out what the book is intending to achieve.

In this sixth new title Photo•Poems, the author blends his previously published four-line quatrains with his award winning PhotoArt. Martin’s poems are inspired by Edward FitzGerald’s interpretation of the enduring verse found in The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. The result is a very readable and engaging volume that celebrates life, confronts its many challenges, and poses fundamental questions about its meaning. Come lift a glass of your favorite beverage as you imbibe the words—and toast the joy of seizing the day.

The author believes humor and doubt are critical survival tools in these difficult times. To that end, he deploys the comedic devices of irony, satire, and paradox when reflecting on that peculiar journey we call life. In Quatrain VII he writes:

There’s no cure for being born human,
we create our own pain deep within…
Tease yourself to survive your Self.
Laugh often to avoid ending broken.

In the long tradition of inventive poets, scientists, artists and thinkers, Martin remains skeptical of dogma and convention, especially fundamentalism of any stripe. He also versifies on our species self-destructive potential.

This book draws heavily on the heroic fatalism first espoused in the earlier Stoicism, Epicurean and Buddhist philosophies; and later threaded throughout the Rubáiyát. Join the author in rejoicing before the mysterious, star-filled cosmos, as well as the early sunlight glancing off a spider’s dewy web.

Martin’s new book is available in print form via the following links.  Buy through at $19.95.  Buy through at £13.00.  For those who are happy with a digital copy, Martin has made a very generous offer to readers of this blog.  He writes as follows.

“In honor of Bill and Sandra’s enduring commitment to the FitzOmar world and their readers’ shared sympathies, I’d like to offer a free PDF which should be eminently readable on a reading pad or computer screen. Simply write the author ( and tell me how long you’ve been a subscriber to Bill and Sandra’s world.”

Thank you, Martin.  We appreciate this offer.

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  1. May 24, 2018 12:00 am

    martin’s photos complement his collection of quatrains — a very appealing visual addition!

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