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Rubaiyat verses engraved on fine glass pieces

November 6, 2017

Charles Mugleston recently alerted us to the existence of a beautiful glass beaker engraved with a verse from FitzGerald’s Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, which he had seen on sale at the Lettering Arts Centre at the Snape Maltings in Suffolk.  This piece is shown below on the left.  It was created by the artist Peter Furlonger who has kindly given us more information about this and another work of his with Rubaiyat engraving.  He writes as follows.

These are the only two pieces which I have engraved with texts from the Rubaiyat, mainly I suppose for its ‘philosophical exotism’- live now because tomorrow you’re dead !..drink now etc., which relates particularly to the beaker, whereas the dish suggested something to my mind more generally Islamic. As with everything I do, they are ‘one-off’ pieces; I do not make copies.

The beaker is commercial crystal 9.5cm height, cold gilded. The dish is studio glass designed by myself and blown by Carl Nordbruch, 42cm dia.  The dish is currently in my possession and is available for direct sale at £875.00. The small beaker is on display at The Lettering Arts Centre, sale price £250.00. I am very interested in accepting  commissions and any number of variants are possible. Smaller pieces can be acquired at reduced prices.

More information on Peter Furlonger and his work is available on .

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