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Kibbles for the Soul. A new book by Martin Kimeldorf *

July 11, 2017

Martin Kimeldorf’s new book  Kibbles for the Soul has the sub title Howling at the Fatalism, Joy and Transience of Life.  In it, he uses the format of the Rubaiyat quatrain to communicate his own reactions to many of the quandaries of life in the 20th and 21st centuries, drawing parallels with the fatalistic and agnostic views of Khayyam and FitzGerald.  The book contains some introductory background on the earlier authors and the history of the Rubaiyat, followed by themed sections on various fundamental questions.  The text is illustrated with pictures, mainly of Martin’s canine friends who have clearly played an important part in his life.

The poems in Kibbles for the Soul are what, in the context of the history of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, would be described as parodies of the FitzGerald original.  But they have a much more serious purpose that many of the earlier 20th century parodies, and Martin’s work shows how the message and medium of the Rubaiyat can be reinterpreted for our time.  The topical content and language will attract many younger readers who may be put off by FitzGerald’s Victorian language.  Here is an example from the section on Digital Conundrums:

Passwords locked me out in the cold
Protecting me from evil I’m told
Corporate thieves record my every move
My stolen data so quickly sold.

The book is available on Amazon UK and on

* For those like us to whom the word Kibbles was previously unknown, Martin provides a useful glossary.  His prime meaning is as follows:  ‘a pet snack or food, used as munchies or treats in between meals’.

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