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Some things to go on the Rubaiyat themed trays

May 31, 2017

In response to the recent exchanges on Rubaiyat themed trays (see, Fred Diba has sent us an image of something that might be placed on such a tray, plus of course at least a couple of glasses.  Since the label on the bottle is difficult to photograph properly, he has transcribed the content as follows.

Barranco Oscuro presents
de Omar Khayyam

“En una taberna, pedi​ a un viejo sabio
que me informara sobre la suerte de aquellos que ya han partido
Me respondió:
Ya no volverán. Es todo lo que sé. ¡Bebe vino!

It is a bottle from the winery Barranco Oscuro (2008), produced in Navarra, Spain.  A look at their website suggests that for each year’s label their choose a different quatrain to put on the label – see .

Fred also draws readers attention to an alternative source of Rubaiyat vintage – the Rubaiyat Vineyard in Sonoma, CA: .

We can add to this collection two bottles, one each from Egypt and India, which we have received, and drunk, in recent years.  The relevant labels are shown below.


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