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Sipping from the Rubáiyát’s Chalice by Martin Kimeldorf – New information

March 15, 2017

Martin has provided new information on the various formats in which his book can be obtained.  For information about the book see

This new book is now available in both print form or as a portable eBook. Some prefer taking their entire library with them on a Kindle, iPad, Nook eBook type reader. Others prefer to sit before a fireplace or under a tree with a bottle of wine while reading verse from the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám. I must confess that I began as a reluctant eBook reader, but having tried it a year ago I can now see it as a useful option.

If You Want The Print Version…$8.00 + shipping

Amazon is the only place you can get a print version of this book.

You can read about this title on Amazon at this abbreviated link:  Or use the regular link: Sipping From The Rubaiy#2401DA6.  If you live outside the US, you need to purchase it from your country’s version of Amazon. For example, those in England would go to the site. Amazon also allows you to purchase an additional eBook version to take with you on your Kindle for only $.99. Who knew?

If You Want The eBook Version…$4.50

Kindle eBook

Try this link: Sipping From The Rubaiy#2401DA6 then click on the Kindle link.  A few pages for preview are found at: Sipping From The Rubaiy#23FA772 

Non-Kindle eBooks

You can go to a single universal link and find the platform you prefer. Here is the link:  At this web page you’ll find a short list of most of the popular eBook platform options:

·         Nook for Barnes & Noble
·         iTunes for Apple iBook (reading on iPads, iPhones, etc.)
·         Scribd
·         Kobo
·         inktera
·         Page Foundry
·         Tolino

Note to other authors

I used Create Space to develop my POD print option. Then I created a Kindle (mobi) and non-Kindle (epub) version using Draft To Digital (D2D). D2D also distributes to non-kindle eBook streams. I can recommend both companies for honesty and customer support.

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