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Possible new areas for research and investigation relating to the Rubaiyat

October 19, 2016

k04-OKpem31125scfThis blog on the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and related subjects has now been in existence since April 2012, over four years ago.  A look at the subjects covered in the posts shows the wide range of aspects of the field in which people have either been researching, or have been seeking information.  They have ranged from details about obscure illustrators or editions of the Rubaiyat to the interpretations of FitzGerald’s version of certain quatrains, and from aspects of Khayyam’s philosophy to comparative ‘translations’ of the Persian verses into English and other languages.

Over the past four years, there have been a number of examples where requests for help with data have been met by those who already knew about the subject or who were willing to spend some time of their own examining the subject and using the resources to which they had access, notably their local academic libraries.  We have been involved in a couple of such co-operative research projects.  They have also used personal networks of contacts in the field, something that we hope might be enhanced by the kind of international Rubaiyat groupings mentioned in a recent post –

Most of the colleagues who have posted items on the blog are following their own specific interests and priorities in their enquiries.  But there are still many more topics to be explored.  We are interested to know whether there are any obvious research topics that our readers feel are being neglected, despite the many interesting subjects currently being investigated.  In particular:

Are there some areas of research which might help us to do more to bring the Rubaiyat to public awareness to students and others today? – see earlier post on this subject,

 Is there scope for more co-operative research in Rubaiyat related topics, particularly on projects that might involve local schools or universities in part of the research efforts?

Please share your thoughts and add your comments on these important questions.

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  1. November 1, 2016 10:59 am

    This blog has indeed covered many aspects, which makes it a very valuable tool for dissemination of information and knowledge. I thought it might be a good idea though to find a way to show what is going on regarding Omar Khayyám and the rubáiyát in the rest of the world. Omar has become a popular subject in Iran, if you look at the many editions that have appeared over the last years, and the same goes for Russian speaking countries. Of course language is an issue, but we could try to get more people from these parts of the world involved. As has been suggested in other posts on this blog, a Facebook group or a LinkedIn group might be helpful in this respect.

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