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A plaque of Omar Khayyam commissioned by the Omar Khayyam Club of America. Where is it now?

August 8, 2016

Christina Abbott posted the following request as a comment on an earlier item on the blog. 

I have a plaster copy of a clay plaque, a portrait of Omar Khayyam by Frederick Warren Allen, as seen in the 1921 publication of “Twenty years of the Omar Khayyam Club of America, 1921.” Whom should I contact about this?  I’d like to put the information on my web site.

She has since provided some more information about this interesting plaque, together with a photo of it.   These are shown below.  If any readers can provide more information about the plaque or where records of it (and the Omar Khayyam Club of America), might be now be held, please add your comments below and we can put you in touch with Christina.  It would be great to find the plaque itself.  Christina writes:

cabbottMy web site is, and F W Allen, who created the plaque, was my grandfather.  I’m looking for information about the current location of the original portrait relief of Omar Khayyam.  It was commissioned by the Omar Khayyam Club of America in Needham MA between February and May of 1911.  The book in which it is mentioned (see above) was published in 1921 by the Rosemary Press and has been digitally reproduced.  The illustration shown is a scan from the book.  It is my understanding that all records and objects from the American Club were sent to the Omar Khayyam Club in London so I had hoped the plaque might be in storage or on display or purchased by a member.  Does anyone know more?

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