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Exploring Khayyam: a website devoted to the understanding of the quatrains attributed to Omar Khayyam

March 16, 2015

ko8-samarkand00Barney Rickenbacker has sent us information about his website Exploring Khayyam which he has recently renewed and is updating – see .   Barney comments on the site as follows

‘The idea of a site on Khayyâm occurred to me when I began reading the quatrains attributed to him.  I was in my second year of Persian studies. I liked the quatrains and thought that I could read them at this stage.  From the readings I prepared translations. This weblog records my renditions of some of the quatrains, the translations of others and discussion of each quatrain.  This is a work in progress, and in this format it has the advantage of revision.  Comments are generally philological.  In time, a better understanding of Khayyâm may allow me to return to each quatrain and add further notes.  I hope that my notes are helpful to students studying Persian.  There is a lack of commentary in English on individual quatrains, and the comments I and others make can begin to fill the void.  I encourage those who look at the site to add their comments for my benefit and for the benefit of all site visitors.’

Rubaiyat enthusiasts will find much of interest on the site. There is text in Persian, various ‘renditions’, and much valuable comment. In particular, the comment on quatrain 61 contains further discussion of issues relating to FitzGerald’s Quatrain 1 in the first edition and the meaning of ‘throwing the stone in the cup’ – most recently examined in this blog in

All good wishes to Barney with the further development of his site. We look forward to reading more.

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