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Omar’s Rubaiyat as a Theory of Everything

February 23, 2015

Austin Torney has sent us an interesting article on the interpretation of the RubaiyatHis paper starts as follows.

27pal1102scf2Clued in via a paper on Existence by my friend, Johann de Jong, I now realize all the more, and further add my own take, that Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat reveals the Theory of Everything (ToE), even if Omar did so inadvertently, for he wrote of “…evermore Came out by the same Door as in I went”, “…But not the Master-knot of Human Fate”, and so forth; however, he still unveils a philosophy, the central tenet being the primacy of the ‘Now’—over “Unborn To-morrow and dead Yesterday”.

It turns out that there is only the Now, in nature, and in us as the present sensation, which smoothly rolls along, due to our human imagination of anticipation of what is likely next to come and to our very recent memory of what just went on. Such, as with music, it sings the song of continuity.

Outside of memory, the past is not kept and the future is not yet. We look through Time, not space, to ‘see’ distant galaxies and stars, as they were long ago, some of which may no longer exist. Even the vision of our own sun is eight minutes behind the Now, and has changed. …..

To read Austin’s full article, go to  Our image is Doris Palmer’s illustration of the confused student of quatrain 27 (1st edition) which Austin quotes.

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