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Edward FitzGerald in Suffolk – a virtual tour

February 15, 2015

Most people with an interest in Edward FitzGerald and his version of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, a visit to the Woodbridge area, where FitzGerald spent much of his life and where he is buried, is something on the agenda.  For those who have not yet managed to make the journey, a new article in Suffolk Norfolk Life provides a virtual tour, with some splendid photographs of the key destinations, including the house Little Grange, whereFitzGerald lived, and his grave in Boulge churchyard.  The article entitled ‘In Pursuit of a Poet’ by Mary Derriman is to be found in the February 2015 edition, with a link from .  The pictures shown even provoke some of us, who have already been there, to say ‘it is time to go again’.

IMG_1913Above is an earlier photo of FitzGerald’s simple grave at Boulge.

Our thanks to Charles Mugleston for alerting to this article.

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