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Unusual versions of the Rubaiyat – additional comments on some earlier posts

December 5, 2014

Over the past year, Bob Forrest has contributed several interesting posts on rare or unusual published versions of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. He has now augmented his comments here with more extensive material on his own website. This new material is listed below together with links to the relevant web pages and our original post.

Fig.10The Isabel Hawxhurst Hall Rubaiyat. A look at the rare edition of The Rubaiyat published by the Alice Harriman Company of New York in 1911, and illustrated with some extraordinary charcoal drawings by the 23 years old artist, Isabel Hawxhurst Hall. [Original post –]

Frank Chesworth and the “Clarion” Series of Omar Khayyam Postcards. A look at the six Rubaiyat-related postcards designed by the young artist Frank Chesworth in 1904 for the Socialist newspaper “The Clarion”. The article also looks at the keen interest of the paper’s founder-editor, Robert Blatchford, in The Rubaiyat, as well as looking at a range of work by the little known and talented artist, Frank Chesworth, who committed suicide at the early age of 38. [Original post –]

Rubaiyat for a Cotillon. A look at an edition of The Rubaiyat adapted for use in a series of seven masques or dance formations at an aristocratic party, probably somewhere near Edinburgh, on September 30th, 1909. [Original post –

Bob has also added some intriguing comments on Martin Luther and Omar? a look at the origins of the Omarian couplet, still from time to time falsely attributed to Luther, “Who loves not women, wine, and song / will stay a fool his whole life long.” . We shall comment on these in a latter post on this blog.

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