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September 23, 2014

KGOUOn the website of KGOU, a public radio station, licensed to the University of Oklahoma, you can listen to an interview with Austin O’Mally, classical Persian scholar and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Chicago. O’Malley says he was drawn to ancient Persian poetry because of the accessibility of the language. The interview is about ancient Persian poetry, more particularly on Khayyám and Rumi, and their influence on modern culture. There is also a full transcript of the interview.
Go to the KGOU website.



In Church Times, the world’s leading Anglican newspaper, there is a column by Ronald Blythe called “Word from Wormingford”. Blythe told his young neighbours that he once lived near Boulge, the Suffolk village where Edward FitzGerald translated The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám. They had driven to his grave and recited what was once one of the most popular poems in the English language, and now he ponders on this meeting with these young boys ….
Read the column


RobinsonFrench historian Jean Stouff, librarian at he University of Tours, published a list of Omar’s illustrators on his website: Les illustrateurs des Robâiyât d’Omar Khayyâm. Here we find the names and (a selection of) illustrations of Thomas Heath and Charles Robinson, Balfour, Pogány, Bull, Fish, Palmer, Buckland Wright and many others. Short biographical notes are also provided.



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