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Khayyam exhibition in Tehran

February 17, 2014

Only a few days are left to hurry down to Tehran for an exhibition of calligraphy works of Khayyám’s poems  in the University of Tehran.  The collection which includes Khayyam Latin calligraphy was created by the Iranian calligrapher Mojtaba Karami who has vast experiences in the art. Some 30 works of the artist have been displayed at the exhibition, depicting some selected poems of Khayyam’s famous quatrains in ten different languages.
The exhibition started Sunday, February 16, and will run until February 19, at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Tehran.

From: Press TV, February 17, 2014

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  1. February 17, 2014 4:51 pm

    Interesting to know of this, though I fear we won’t make it to Tehran in time! The items being exhibited sound similar to those by the same calligrapher Mojtaba Karami that were exhibited in Tehran back in 2011. We have a catalogue of that exhibition, and there is some nice work illustrated. For those who want to follow this up, M Karami seems to have a linked-in and facebook presence and we think he is based at the International Calligraphy Center at the University of Shiraz, though we can’t find a direct web link.

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