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Omariana now available as a blog

December 29, 2013

dutchoklogoOmariana is a very valuable source of research and news on topics to do with the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám.  It has been produced for many years by Jos Coumans and the Netherlands Omar Khayyam Society.  It was issued as a news bulletin which was sent out to subscribers, first in print form, and latterly as a  pdf-file by email. It was recently announced that from now on, the bulletin has been transformed into a weblog:

Omariana will continue to inform about new translations, editions, articles plus more specific information on Omar Khayyám and his Rubáiyát.   Those interested can follow the new blog, and receive alerts to new posts by registering through the “Follow” button on the blog.  Just enter your email address to sign up.  We plan to co-ordinate the operation of the OmarKhayyamRubaiyat blog and the new Omariana blog site so that the posts are complementary.  There is a link to the Omariana blog in the righthand column of this screen, plus an RSS feed giving details of the new posts on the site.

Previous issues of Omariana are still available on the following website:  This site also contains information on the various national Omar Khayyam societies, translations of the Rubaiyat in different languages, recent publications and other useful material.  It is well worth consulting.

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