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Rose Bay Rubiayat – price reduction, worldwide

November 25, 2013

Len Green informs us of an important change.

Rose Bay Rubáiyát is now available  post free world wide for AUD$22.

       Omar Without Borders
  For Doctors Without Borders
Omar aficionados, spread the news,
An offer you can’t readily refuse,
     This Rubáiyát of elegance and charm,
Designed both to enlighten and amuse.
A monetary subvention will bestow
Upon you a warm-seated inner glow,
     Supporting something in need of support         
With this pro bono divertimento.
For quite a modest sum, good  folk who care
Can be a proud, Khayyám concessionaire,
     By purchasing  this Rose Bay Rubáiyát
In aid of Médecins Sans Frontières.
Payment Options

(a)  Cash, cheque or money order payable to: L. Green, C/O Robert Green PO Box 1151, Darlinghurst  NSW  1300 Australia.

(b) PayPal: Select “pay money”, insert email address: Email Len Green at the same address to advise payment and include a postal address for delivery.

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