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Rose Bay Rubaiyat seeks publisher or sponsor

November 5, 2013

rosebay rubaiyatRose Bay Rubaiyat is a book produced and published in Australia by Len Green, who has been the contributor of a number of interesting comments on this blog.   The book is in two parts:  the first consists of an abstract of, and commentary on, the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam with quotations by FitzGerald and others. The second part contains original quatrains by Len Green inspired by Omar Khayyam’s verses.

The book was produced in print form in Australia with proceeds of this edition going to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) – Doctors Without Borders.  Because of high postal charges, it is uneconomic to send copies from down under to potential buyers outside Australia.  So Len is looking for publishers, sponsors or distributors in other countries who would be willing to produce and distribute his book either pro bono or commercially with profits or royalties directed to MSF.  The book also exists in the form of an e-copy that could be sent to interested parties.

Here is Len’s own presentation of the benefits involved.

Omar – The Commercial

This early proof, to give the book its dues, 
Designed both to enlighten and amuse,
And fill a gaping literary gap,
Is offered to promoters to peruse.
Dear publisher or sponsor, hear me out, 
Professionals with influence and clout,
My Omar could add lustre to your lists, 
Of that there’s little shadow of a doubt.
Enthusiasts who dwell in Omar’s thrall 
Would aggregate in hoards at your bookstall, 
So should you feel the urge to try me out,
Don’t hesitate at all, give me a call. 

If you are interested in this project, or know someone who might be, kindly contact Len Green on

Len is authorised to participate in fund raising for MSF and the print copy is currently available post-free for AUD$26.00 via PayPal.  To get a print version, visit: and select “pay money”. Enter Len Green’s email address: then email him at this address to advise payment. Please include a postal address for delivery.

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