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‘Open Then The Door’ – A musico-dramatic fantasy based on the Rubiayat.

October 10, 2012

This project is the result of a long collaboration between the playwright/director, Christopher Jacobs, and the composer, John Sharpley, which has produced what they believe to be an exciting new theatrical form, through the fusion of grand opera, physical theatre, illusionism, and dance.

The new work, entitled “Open Then The Door”, they define as a musico-dramatico fantasy based on The RUBÀIYÀT of Omar Khayyàm, ­as translated by Edward Fitzgerald. It presents fictional possibilities in Fitzgerald’s emotional and intellectual journey in creating his translation, in which we witness Omar Khayyam and his world as a construct in the mind of Fitzgerald as he imagines Omar may have lived and struggled to rationalise it, set against the world in which Fitzgerald lived and may also have struggled to rationalise.

Chris and John have now begun to actively seek additional collaborators… collaborators with the vision and courage to help guide and lead the work to its successful production and presentation on the international stage.   They welcome expressions of interest in this endeavour, with a view to further discourse and co-operation.  Contact Chris on See also: Christopher Jacobs <>, John Sharpley  <>

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