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New Suffolk based website promoting the genius of EFG

September 23, 2012

The Rt Rev Charles Mugleston outlines some of the thinking behind this new facility

The new website is to be found at   Its purpose is to promote the genius of EFG, to help gently to raise his local, national and international profile, and to share the Mega-Mystical value of The Ruba’iyat as lovingly approved by older generations with a new generation, helping us all grow into the freedom of ‘Universal Man’ the fullness of Infinite Being.

Suffolk was the home of Edward FitzGerald for most of his life.  The Coat of Arms for the county features a radiant sun rising over the sea. This celebrates the fact that Suffolk is the most easterly county in England – is the first to receive the rays of the sun. So you could say (using the intuitive eye needed to appreciate the Heart, the Spiritual Substance / Essence of The Ruba’iyat of Omar Khayyam) that Suffolk as first county has the number One role, the destiny and duty of serving / leading the rest of the nation in all matters concerning Spiritual Illumination – our Essential Identity with God.  Indeed, during the middle ages Suffolk was known as ‘Selig Suffolk’ or Holy Suffolk, and so, rolling down the years… Light happened again in 1859…and the rest as they say is Mystery!

 Look at the Indian poet Kalidasa’s timeless ‘Salutation of The Dawn’ then look at Goethe’s quatrain in Faust Chapter three:

 “Tis not the Spirit world is sealed;

Thy heart is dead, thy senses curtain drawn.

But, scholar, bathe, rejoicing, healed,

Thy earthly breast in streams of roseate dawn.”

EFG loved these two fellow poets, was inspired by them and so came his turn “to turn down an empty glass” to help us do the same.

 “There is no being apart from the Being of God” said Ibn Arabi  Sufi Mystic.  Follow us on the website and see where such thinking and a study of the Rubaiyat can lead.  Also find out about the  staged readings of the Rubaiyat by the Hebe Theatre Company.


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